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With Salesforce Sales Cloud, get a 360° view of your customers, connect better, sell more, and grow your business faster, all on a single platform.

Power your business with Salesforce Sales Cloud

Partner with Intelion for exceptional and customized Sales Cloud offerings that can help your business to get more leads, close deals faster, enhance productivity and make insightful decisions. Our Salesforce Sales Cloud solutions and Sales Cloud consultants will empower your sales teams so that they can focus better on selling and boost revenues. Our expert Sales Cloud consultants and developers have in-depth knowledge and experience in delivering optimum outcomes for small as well as large businesses and can help you set up, configure and customize your Salesforce Sales Cloud to deliver improved sales results. From creating impactful and effective email templates to workflows and approvals to custom reports and dashboards, all our solutions can be customized for your industry and business needs to get you up to speed. With the right partner like Intelion, Sales Cloud implementation and integration can happen seamlessly to deliver the ultimate business value

Unlock the full benefits of Sales Cloud with Intelion

Sell Anytime, Anywhere

Sell Anytime, Anywhere

With our holistic approach, our Sales Cloud consultants can help your business engage customers strategically to create lasting relationships and make every interaction count by managing activities, advancing opportunities, and tracking performance, both offline and online.

AI to Increase Win Rates

AI to Increase Win Rates

With AI-powered tools and AI recommendations tailored to each opportunity, our Sales Cloud consultants can help you sell smartly, with instant insights and predictive forecasting capabilities, and intelligent automation can help boost sales effectiveness.

Engage with Every Customer

Engage with Every Customer

Create exceptional customer experience by empowering sales teams to become trusted advisors, build lasting relationships, and engage with them at every point of the customer journey, with a full view of their interaction, social insights, and selling guidance.

Explore Our Sales Cloud Offerings

Opportunity Management

With the Sales Cloud Opportunity management software, close more deals faster by streamlining the sales process. The software gives you a detailed, 360-degree view of your most important deals and all relevant information needed to close every sale like the critical details in customer activity, competitor information, and even quick quote creation, thus, helping you make the right moves at the right time.

Contact Management

Succeed with a web-based contact management software from Sales Cloud that delivers a complete view of your customers involving activity history, their communications, internal account discussions, social data, and more. With this unique feature in Sales Cloud, you can track your customers’ history from contact to contract to be fully prepared for every meeting and every opportunity.

Lead Management

Drive sales with the lead management solutions available in Sales Cloud. Seamlessly and easily track the effectiveness of marketing campaigns across all channels, and assign the right leads to the right people in your sales team. The software can help your business get the most return by investing more efforts on your hottest leads, convert more leads to opportunities, and win more deals.

Reports & Dashboard

Make smarter business decisions with the Salesforce Customer Analytics software with Sales Cloud. With the sales analytics feature in the software, you can easily build custom reports and dashboards that give you a real-time picture of your business at a glance, with a simple drag-and-drop.

Sales Forecasting

Forecast with the highest degree of precision to take your business into the future with pipeline management and powerful sales predictions. With the software and its advanced capabilities, make informed predictions about future sales, set quotas for your team, and track progress all in one place.

Workflow Automation

Quickly and efficiently automate manual tasks, progress tracking, and task management of your business. With process automation, you can with ease create almost all processes, from guiding agents through qualifying conversations to auto-filling orders to drafting proposals.

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