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Given the importance of digital in today’s society, we enable organizations to transform, innovate and become powerful digital leaders.

We help businesses automate and streamline their operations with unrivaled ease and speed, to reduce costs and scale their growth like never before.
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As digital demands increase, only organizations that keep pace will thrive. At Intelion, we help you to optimize your digital value chain to accelerate successful business outcomes.


We enable organizations to focus better on sustaining progress and becoming more resilient. We help your business to move from predicting and planning to sensing and responding. 

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Innovative Salesforce Solutions That Empower Businesses

Salesforce Implementation

To achieve the desired results, Salesforce implementations require an experienced team of professionals to guide your business in the right direction. We offer you the right Salesforce implementation strategies and follow industry best practices with fewer complications to ensure minimal business disruption and success.

Salesforce Migration and Integration

Our experts leverage proven best practices to deliver excellent Salesforce integration and migration services. Our team of experts can provide you with the best-in-class Salesforce integration services to bridge the gap and provide you with a highly centralized platform combining the functionalities of different entities.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Power up your business marketing and achieve your digital marketing goals faster with Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Partner with us and start building personalized customer journeys with Marketing Cloud. We are a leading Salesforce Marketing Cloud services provider, and we can help you empower your marketing operations to drive more business.

Accelerate Digital Innovation and the Path to Value with Mendix

Digitalize your business processes with low-code applications

We help achieve the digital transformation goals of businesses with our low code solutions built on Mendix. Through our innovative low code solutions, we simplify and accelerate enterprise application development, empowering organizations to create powerful business solutions that are scalable and adaptable, and agile enough to be altered quickly as per evolving business needs. Bridging the gap between business operations and developers, our solutions allow better collaboration that ensures faster and better results.

Transform legacy systems to boost agility & scalability

Intelion leverages leading low-code platform Mendix to empower businesses with differentiated digital capabilities. We enable enterprises to resolve their mission-critical challenges and fast-track digital transformation through our Mendix powered low code solutions. From enabling businesses to break free and go beyond the limitations of legacy systems to simplifying implementation and deployment of the entire development cycle of applications, we help to create powerful business solutions on the Mendix platform.

Leverage Your Business with Faster Application Development

Low-code solutions powered by Mendix offer capabilities to build apps 10x faster with fewer resources and integrate with core systems and services including AI, ML, and IoT. The uncompromising architecture enables to unlock and extend legacy data and build multi-experience applications across any channel. With proven execution at every scale, Intelion low-code solutions allow faster development of dynamic applications to create an engaging experience for employees and customers at the reduced expense and minimal coding input.

Enable Meaningful and Continuous Innovation Through AI

Improved Experiences Through AI

Improve customer and employee experiences while lowering operating costs with AI consulting solutions from Intelion.

Maintain & Scale Business Technology

Intelion's proven methodologies can help you consistently run, maintain and scale AI solutions from pilot to production

Improve Business Oppurtunities

Discover new opportunities to develop your product using AI consulting services and boost business outcomes with customized solutions

We Help You Bring Your Revolutionary Business Goals Come to Life

Product Engineering

Partner with us to innovate, design and develop products that can give your business the right competitive edge.


DevOps Solutions

We enable companies to align their operations and development for better efficiency and productivity with our specialized DevOps services and tools. 


Artificial Intelligence

Find the right way to integrate AI into your business processes that can help reduce costs, increase accuracy and free up valuable resources.


Business Intelligence

Build custom business intelligence solutions for various devices and customize them to scale your operations.


Digital innovation, Unleashed

To unlock value from AI, you need innovative integration and orchestration of robotic, intelligent and autonomous capabilities. Our team of experts are ready to help you fully realize the business benefits from AI.

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Intelion Systems offers you innovative, world class products and solutions that will redefine the Automation and Artificial Intelligence industry. We are at an exciting stage in our growth and are looking for investors who would like to join us on the journey to success.