Rebuild your Customer Experience Strategy with Conversational AI

Supercharge your customer experience and deliver more to them at less than what you spend now with Intelion’s Conversational AI solutions

Design and Deliver Exceptional Customer Experiences

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Maximize Efficiency

Conversational AI technology helps to boost engagement, data collecting, and feedback analytics. It can assist in minimizing costs associated with accommodating more labor for the same duties, resulting in less human error and greater efficiency.

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Improve Brand Value

Conversational AI systems gain real-time insights on services and product feedback along with customer satisfaction. Results in the development of a competitive product and more user-friendly services. Brands focusing on improving quality gain leverage of recurring customer engagement.

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Quick Response

Manage end-to-end information directly, without taking time away from employees or allowing room for human error, ensuring greater accuracy and time efficiency. These efficiency gains mean employees are more supported and customers are more satisfied and more likely to come back.

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Effortless Query Management

Intelion provides intelligent chatbots to handle all of your inquiries quickly and effectively, providing rapid and accurate results. With our chatbots, you can provide consumers with timely and appropriate replies to even the most difficult inquiries, as well as additional material such as documentation or a video, resulting in effective inquiry management.

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High Conversion Rate

Assists in establishing a virtual space between consumers and personnel, resulting in multiple consumer interactions at any given time and increased recurring consumers. Quick responses build trust and stronger customer relations resulting in faster conversions.

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Seamless Brand-Client Interaction

Interact and analyze customer's requirement and behavior by rating their speech and noting their replies, intelligently. Conversational AI improves the accuracy and efficiency of specialized and specified jobs while being user-friendly.

Solve the Operational Complexities with Intelion’s Conversational AI

Integrated AI

Intelion offers an integrated Conversational AI system that can interact with users through chatbots and voice bots to enhance their experience by identifying the consumer's intent and responding with relevant information using various advanced dialogue management technologies such as Automatic Speech Recognition and Natural Language Processing.

Omnichannel Platform

Intelion focuses on the intersection of Conversational AI and Automation, enabling seamless communication to understand your consumers regardless of channel or language preferences. Our system empowers you to connect with your consumers in a contextual, tailored manner and build stronger relations with users.

Shifting the Tides in Customer Service Strategy With Our Advanced Solutions


Customers are flocking to chatbots and speech bots for online support to get answers to their problems promptly. After assessing the demand, Intelion created an intuitive Conversational AI system that has accelerated the growth of telemedicine and medical consultation in the past decade. Customers are now engaged with healthcare experts 24 hours a day, seven days a week, across all platforms, languages, and modes, thanks to our adaptable AI.

Banking & Insurance

As customers shift from conventional banking and insurance institutions towards a more hands-on virtual experience, a conversational chatbot system can provide them with the convenience of accessing their finances, submitting KYC paperwork, receiving loan and credit approvals, portfolio performance updates, and filing fraud complaints in seconds. Intelion's intuitive Conversational AI technology can help banks and insurance companies provide a comfortable online banking experience to their consumers.

Government Agencies

Addressing new applicants or renewing expiring licensing and contracts, the processes are time-consuming and extensive for government bodies. With Intelion’s Conversational AI platform, government agencies can process and access ID evidence, capital and wealth declaration forms, income statements, and business proposals using the conversational public-friendly chatbot interface from anywhere.

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