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Simplify your Digital Transformation Journey with Intelion

With the evolving and competitive landscape, banking and insurance businesses need to create engaging and disruptive digital experiences for their customers to maintain a strategic advantage. To reinvent your business as a customer-centric organization powered by digital and data, you need a technology partner with a digital DNA and deep domain expertise. Intelion focuses on the insurance and banking domain consulting services, helping to better engage with users through insightful analytics. We deliver mission-critical solutions to drive the business forward globally. And to ensure future-readiness, we provide scalable and innovative digital banking and insurance products and services, new cutting-edge technologies, manage and execute strategic initiatives and create pioneering delivery models. By leveraging our digital strategy with global clients, our technical expertise, and our global delivery model, you can evolve into a next-generation banking and insurance business. Our digital transformation solutions that leverage low-code platforms, intelligent automation, Salesforce, and more, help to become a digital-first business and accelerate your growth journey.

Why Intelion to power your transformation?

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Tailored & Innovative Solutions

Intelion offers the right-fit technology solutions for an end-to-end transformation for banking and insurance businesses. Understanding the unique challenges and pain areas of enterprises in specific industries, we provide targeted solutions to enable them to reassess and reimagine their business processes and business models. Irrespective of the company’s size, we equip them with the right digital capabilities to succeed and achieve business outcomes faster.

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Quality, Excellence & Expertise

Our core strength lies in the proven power of our people and technology, and the possibilities that arise when they converge to reframe the future of the banking and insurance industry. Our deep domain knowledge, digital capabilities, proprietary tools, methodologies, and frameworks make us a leader in supporting businesses in leveraging technology as a strategic asset to maintain a competitive edge, accelerate growth and impact the bottom line.

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Scalable & Customer-Focused

Build an agile and digital-first business with our innovative and highly scalable solutions. Our experienced team of professionals ensure a highly personalized approach and focuses on putting the end customers of bankers and insurers at the center of all our advanced solutions that we develop. And with this highly customer centric approach, we intend to bring immense value to our clients and their customers.

Build Advanced Capabilities for Banking & Insurance


Reach new heights with our Salesforce solutions. Our suite of innovative Salesforce offerings coupled with our transformational approach helps your businesses to drive growth at every scale. Our  high-performing and customized Salesforce solutions are a right-fit to meet all the unique business needs of insurance and banking enterprises.

Robotic Process Automation

Collaborate with Intelion to power the digital transformation journey and navigate to the future of the banking and insurance industry. Intelion helps you define an automation strategy and identify the right processes and tools to get started on your RPA journey. With our intelligent automation, unlock the full potential of your banking and insurance business. 

Conversational AI

Leverage the power of Intelion’s conversational AI solutions to forge deeper connections with customers and drive engagement & loyalty for your banking and insurance business. With us, give your brand a voice and build chatbots that reflect your business, brand, and values, with AI at the core of our innovative technology. 

Low-Code Solutions

We enable global banking and insurance businesses to leverage the power of digital transformation with low code automation solutions built on Mendix to decode business complexity and help them operate smarter, simpler, and faster.  Our powerful and unique low code solutions can help you reassess, reimagine  and redesign business processes, applications and overhaul the business models to make them more scalable, efficient, and successful.

Core System Modernization

Our core system modernization solutions offer enterprises an opportunity to redesign technology and business logic to align with enterprise strategy and develop a solid digital foundation that can help you adapt to all changes and disruptions that lie ahead. Intelion provides an advisory approach to help transform technology infrastructure processes to provide digital foundations on low-code, improve enterprise agility and increase sustainability.

Data & Analytics

We offer an extensive array of data and analytics solutions that includes data visualization, data consulting, digital insights and data management. Our targeted solutions enable your data-driven transformation and can help discover more opportunities from your ever-growing data, creating value for your banking and insurance business. Providing invaluable granular insights to the company, we cater to diverse functions including Sales & Marketing.

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Explore Our Salesforce Services

DevOps & CI/CD

Intelion Systems enables companies to align their operations and development for better efficiency and productivity with our end-to-end, unique, and specialized DevOps services and DevOps tools.

Commerce Cloud

We will enable you to make every customer interaction count. Touch base with your online customers anytime and enhance their digital experience with the help of our unique services using the Salesforce Commerce Cloud. 

Salesforce Integration

From high-end financial management solutions to robust CMS, we enable you to integrate it all. We help businesses to simplify their third-party applications and enhance their business approach with Salesforce Integration services.

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