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Draw the Most Out of Your Salesforce Einstein Analytics With Intelion

Make sense of sales data and get quick answers to critical business questions. Salesforce offers an incredible in-built business intelligence and analytics tool that organizations can draw useful and effective reports and dashboards from, all within the platform. A true reporting platform, Einstein Analytics takes data visualization and predictions to the next level by proactively offering new insights based on fresh data. And the best part is that all this takes place in real-time. With Einstein Analytics make sure that you stay ahead of the curve by understanding changes in your opportunity pipeline in real time. Say goodbye to the worries of designing your predictive models and helping you improve the accuracy of your CRM, Intelion can speed up your daily work using Einstein’s smart predictions and proposed solutions We help you make smarter decisions with Einstein Analytics and AI-augmented business intelligence and explanations. At Intelion, we design the dashboards that will help you visualize where you are today, so, you can make better decisions for tomorrow with the help of highly experienced Salesforce consultants.

Intelion Expertise + Einstein Analytics= Deeper Insights, Better Predictions, Quicker Decisions

Better Insights

Better Insights

Get insights on the critical business metrics in real-time, see how your business is doing and make data-driven decisions on the next best steps in your Sales & Marketing activities. Perform and access the exploratory analysis of your data from any device, anywhere and anytime with data visualization features.

Community Cloud Integration

Key Drivers

Explore the innumerable advantages of a powerful cloud-based business intelligence platform that provides interactive data perspectives through simple dashboards. Discover the key drivers of behavior for customers, channels where customers interact, and sales. Also, keep an eye on individual sales performances.

Accurate Predictions

Accurate Predictions

Predict and execute the right actions to grow customer value and incremental revenue. Einstein Analytics with its precise and better predictive capabilities takes predictions to the next level by proactively offering new insights based on fresh data. With Intelion, customize applications to streamline every line of your business.

Maximize Sales, Customer Retention & ROI With Intelion's Einstein Analytics Service

Einstein Opportunity Insights

We can help your teams to follow up smarter and better as well as offer key predictions to enhance the selling process. With the Opportunity Insights implementation from Intelion, you won‘t have to worry anymore about hiring a data scientist to dig deeper for valuable, powerful  and actionable insights to ensure accelerated growth.

Einstein Lead Scoring

We can help you ensure that your sales team never feels lost with Intelion’s Lead Scoring services aimed at increasing your sales conversions drastically. Bringing in prospective leads to which  Machine learning is employed to give it an intelligent lead score with the help of predictive models. 

Einstein Prediction Builder

With the help of Intelion’s Einstein Prediction Builder services, companies can develop predictions on the apps on salesforce fields. Be it price forecasting or predicting customer dissatisfaction rate, can enable you to do it by integrating Prediction Builder and assisting through the whole process. 

Einstein Forecasting & Custom Analytics

Intelion employs AI-powered Forecasting that ensures enhanced accuracy and helps in tracking the performance of your sales teams with predicted results. Also, our team of Salesforce experts can assist you in the management of your advanced analytics by employing Sales Cloud Einstein to explore data. 

Einstein Bots

We develop and manage custom Einstein Bots for you to ease the tasks of your service teams. Bots can manage regular routine requests thereby freeing up resources who could then attend to more complex issues. Moreover, these bots can access the previous conversations with your service team to ensure better customer support. 

Einstein Email Insights & Automated Contacts

With the assistance of Einstein Email insights, Intelion can assist your sales teams to progress ahead on the deals in the right direction.  Also, through our Einstein Automated Contacts services, we can identify new contacts by crawling through your event activities and share it with your sales team. 

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