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Let’s help you deploy software quicker and at lower risk with exceptional DevOps solutions.

Build, Deploy & Manage - Faster and Efficiently With Our Salesforce DevOps Services

DevOps is the perfect solution to help you stay agile, improve the frequency of deployment, leading to faster time on the market. In addition, it lowers the failure rate of new releases, shortens the lead time between fixes, and ensures faster recovery time.
Our unique DevOps services include analyzing your current delivery activity, auditing your existing infrastructure, building a pipeline, identifying redundant tasks, etc. And we employ leading DevOps tools to align Development and operations to achieve higher efficiency. Intelion’s well-thought Salesforce DevOps strategy can give you the right competitive edge to sell more effectively, outrun your competition, and get more value from your investment.

Our Unique End-To-End Salesforce DevOps Services (DaaS)

Continuous Integration, Delivery, & Deployment (CI/CD)

Continuous Integration, Delivery, & Deployment (CI/CD)

Combat critical challenges, deliver more value and accelerate software delivery. By automating and integrating the processes between software development and operations and IT teams, we establish improved application reliability and carry out development to minimize downtime and resolve issues faster. We will help you merge all coding changes into a central repository, automate builds, and run QA tests to identify and resolve bugs quickly, improve software quality, and reduce validation times.

Version Control & Release Management

Version Control & Release Management

Intelion can help ensure that DevOps is empowering you to scale rapidly as well as maintain application reliability. Our DevOps team can help customers achieve key goals of DevOps programs and perform version control operations to quickly identify and resolve code issues. We focus on establishing a collaborative culture and improving the delivery pipeline in a single platform. Our team can also ensure easy scalability and cost-effective cloud operations to automatically produce and configure application builds, testing, staging, and development environments.

Agile Software Development & Continuous Monitoring

Agile Software Development & Continuous Monitoring

DevOps takes the Agile concept one step further and further supports continuous testing, integration, delivery, and deployment of stable, high-quality software, guided by continuous feedback – and enhanced by automation. DevOps builds on Agile to enable to reduce risk, demonstrate impact, and delivery requirements at business speed. Intelion can ensure rapid implementation, and monitoring of application components. We also ensure continuous monitoring, which is the final stage in the DevOps pipeline.

Increase Agility & Shorten Release Cycles With DevOps Tools

Copado Platform

Copado can help you manage the end-to-end development lifecycle and enable you to harness the full power of DevOps with a simple, familiar user interface and enable all user including low-code citizen developers to work on a single platform. It ensures a unified platform for your entire CI/CD pipeline and offer pre-built plugins. 

Copado Robotic Testing

Master complex test scenarios with Copado’s AI-powered test automation. Guaranteeing an end-to-end test automation, you can quickly thwart bottlenecks and expedite the testing process and debugging. Designed for quick adoption at an enterprise scale, Copado Robotic Testing can help fill the gaps in your delivery process. 

Copado Prebuilt Integrations

With prebuilt integrations, Copado’s agile architecture allows you to work with existing tools like ALM and automation tools, and applications thus enabling you to better leverage your existing investments. And being a complete Salesforce native, Copado is fully integrated with the Salesforce Clouds and DX.

Container Platforms

Utilize container orchestration tools and break large applications and products down into microservices that run on containers. Leverage containers like Kubernetes and microservices for orchestration to reduce cost and complexity. Apply DevOps tools to automate key steps and improve operational efficiency and standardization. 

DevOps CI/CD & Configuration

DevOps CI/CD pipeline management tools are dedicated to continuous integration and delivery through task automation. These tools allow for effortless product updates while improving the time to market and overall return on investment. Most importantly, they offer a more satisfying user and team experience.

Monitoring, & Incident Response

Integrate powerful automated testing tools to improve QA without slowing down phases of development, deployment, or release, ensuring there are no bottlenecks.

Observability tools ingest your infrastructure and application’s traces, metrics, and events to help inform you of your system’s health status. 

DevOps as a Service

Build and manage your entire end-to-end delivery pipeline as we offer fully automated solution and combine your tools to facilitate seamless collaboration between your software development and operations teams.

Code Quality Improvements

Our DevOps consultants will helps your business align development and operations teams, help facilitate continuous integration, deliver products to markets faster, all while ensuring the quality of code. 

Continuous feedback tools

Gather feedback directly from users, from heatmapping (recording users’ actions on screen), surveys, or self-service issue ticketing to offer continuously product and service improvements.

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Cloud-first Strategies

Our team of experienced DevOps consultants will provide modern practice and infrastructure deployment that delivers that enable teams to seamlessly support, scale and manage technology. 

Experienced DevOps Resources

Our team of DevOps experts will help you automate and standardise processes to ensure faster innovation, enhanced operational efficiency, and improved deployment quality 

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Intelion is one of the top-rated DevOps consulting companies, offering advanced and continuous DevOps delivery capabilities. Allowing you to function at increased efficiency and automation.

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