Build Futuristic Solutions to Acquire More Value From Salesforce With Lightning Components

Build highly customized Salesforce apps to boost your growth and maximize your business potential with powerful Lightning Components.

Partner with Intelion to Develop Highly Customized Solutions for Salesforce Success

Switching to Salesforce Lightning Components with Intelion can get you access to advanced features, higher productivity outcomes, intelligent workflows etc. We offer par excellent services in Salesforce Lightning Components including the Lightning Web Components, Aura Components and VScode Extensions to your organization to help you enhance productivity by giving maximum performance in minimum efforts by converting Salesforce classic version to the super-fast lightning platform. We help you in creating custom-built solutions to ensure that you derive the full value from your Salesforce. Our 360-degree organizational assessment allows our teams to support you with customized solutions for Salesforce success. Based on your unique needs, we will help you build attractive pages that are custom-build accordingly at highly competitive pricing without compromising on the quality of our services. Find out how to customize Web pages and apps for any or all of your business needs by talking to our experts.

Accelerate Your Business Growth with Performance, Productivity and Interoperability

Lightning Web Components

Lightning Web Components

Intelion offers seamless integration of Lightning Web Components providing ease of development and leveraging the latest web functionalities to deliver a perfect fit for modern UI Implementations in Salesforce. The flexibility of the mechanism allows the development of web components easier, faster, and more appropriate for any developer.

Aura Components

Aura Components

With Intelion's Aura components integration, you can get a head start on app development with an out-of-the-box responsive user interface that encapsulates modular and reusable UI elements and fosters efficient business operations with a configurable and rich-featured application.

VScode Integration

VScode Integration

With cross-platform compatibility, multi-language and extension repository, and built-in multi-terminal access, our VScode Salesforce integration allows you to manage various projects quickly and efficiently. Our trained professionals deliver seamless integration according to your project's and company's particular needs.

Redesign the Conventional Application Development with Lightning Components

Common Development Model

Salesforce Lightning Components bid unparallel flexibility and ease of development to the clients. Facilitating any web developer working on modern JS frameworks to easily ramp up the components, becomes a significant cost-saver for the client and enables them to transfer tasks within existing developers. 

Interoperable Components

Our Lightning Components integration enables seamless interoperability between Lightning web components and Aura components that enables smooth sharing of JavaScript code, sending events to an enclosing Aura component, and an additional benefit to compose Aura components from Lightning Web Components. 

VScode Intelli-Sense

The VScode powered Intelli-sense detects incompletion, faults, and errors within the codes. It also automatically rectifies the common variable syntaxes and variable declarations for the smooth functioning of the application. Intelli-sense also declares all the possible errors that the user has forgotten to declare. 

Cross-Platform Support

VScode integration with its cross-platform capabilities empowers the developers to work on all three platforms; Mac systems, Windows, and Linux, enabling the developer to access the common code that works on all three platforms resulting in faster multi-platform development. 

Multi-language and Extension Support

Lightning Components support multiple programming languages eliminating the need for Web-Support. With its built-in multi-language support, it easily detects cross-language references and also allows the programmer to download an extension for an unsupported language. 

Simultaneous Multi-Project Support

With its in-built terminal provision Lightning Components enable the user can access multiple files and folders of different components and hassle-free switching between the multiple screens. This empowers the user to work on multiple projects efficiently and simultaneously. 

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