Why Every Recruiter Needs an Applicant Tracking System

Why Every Recruiter Needs an Applicant Tracking System

In most cases, HR leaders and their teams have had dissenting opinions about using technology in recruiting and hiring, especially an Applicant Tracking System. 

While some consider it a blessing and a highly productive tool, there are many who feel employing an ATS can lead to a lack of human touch to the entire process, even letting suitable matches slip through tech fingers. 

But the global pandemic (as well as post-pandemic) work scenario has overhauled the entire recruiting process. Organizations involved in providing essential services have scaled their operations manifold, with their hiring equally scaled. And this necessitated the need for the hiring process to be adapted so they could be conducted swiftly, efficiently, and virtually. 

Despite the highly altered hiring landscape, an ATS is still the foremost and simplest solution.  


Wondering What an Applicant Tracking System Really Does?  

If you thought an ATS is only about tracking applications, these highly specialized systems perform a wide variety of functions to make the recruiting and onboarding process easier and seamless. They are primarily built to focus on five functions. 

1. Post Jobs
2. Track
3. Communicate
4. Hire
5. Onboard 

So, is your team on a hiring spree in 2021?  

Find out why an ATS is essential for managing multiple job openings. 


Some of the Indisputable Benefits of Applicant Tracking Systems Include:


► Highly Cost-Effective 

Organizations employing applicant tracking systems ensure a higher ROI as well as can reap other rewards. It can help with decrease new-hire turnover substantially, and can also help in filling vacancies 20% more quickly, which in turn can shorten the time it takes for the new hire to generate revenue.


► Hire Top-Performing Candidates  

Super quick and highly efficient, the right ATS can easily help you spot top candidates, who can drive productivity and innovation, and present an offer before a competitor does.


► Track Large Number of Resumes with Ease 

A robust ATS can easily handle thousands of applications, resumes, and other workflows, ensuring productivity, and also freeing up resources, and offer better efficiency due to automation. The time saved can be used for creating better hiring strategies.


► Recruitment Texting is a necessity in 2021  

Today, a greater number of organizations are adopting texting as a way to connect with potential candidates, considering the high open rates, almost above 90%! Compare that with around 45% for emails.  

Organizations that are lacking in engaging candidates through texting are definitely going to fall behind soon. But with an ATS, its texting can help you leverage the power of recruitment texting, like none other.


► Your competitors would be using one 

Still debating about ATS? Just so you know, 98% of Fortune 500 companies and an average of 65% of large organizations globally use the tool. And this number is only growing, with many smaller organizations also adopting the trend.


► Easy to Narrow Down Applications & Candidates 

An ATS apart from tracking down applications can post on multiple job portals. And once the applications start piling in, it automatically collects and organizes them in a centralized database for easy and quick access. Moreover, it creates a profile for each applicant. Irrespective of the resume formats of all of the applicants, ATS extracts the information and organizes it in a uniform format to set up the candidate profile, making the whole process a lot easier and simplified.  

This helps HR teams to better analyze and compare by work experience, education, or previous employers.  

Similarly, ATS also has a built-in function for resume filtering, which is yet another superpower, utilizing the keywords from the job posting.


► Screening Questions  

To easily skip and skim through unqualified candidates, screening questions are an ideal way. An ATS allows you to add screening questions to your application to ensure applicants meet basic qualifications like education level or years of experience.


► Single Click Posting to Multiple Platforms 

An Applicant Tracking System is one of the near-perfect ways to get maximum reach for your job postings online. With a single click, the job posting can get shared to multiple job portals online.  It is well streamlined that it can get posted even to the organization’s social media platforms and careers page. 

► Better Team Collaboration

Imagine a platform where all your stakeholders and decision-makers can collaborate simultaneously to make decisions on candidatures and hiring.  

ATS is best suited when there are multiple stakeholders and hierarchies involved in the recruitment process. It is the best tool where they can all come together to a consensus.  

It is a game-changer expediting the entire recruitment process hassle-free and unbiased, yet highly time-saving, creating a better candidate experience as well.  

Some even have functionalities that allow video interviews to be watched at their convenience.


► Easy Compliance with Labor Laws 

Recruitment in itself is a complex and time-consuming process. Imagine the compliance with labor laws. Having an ATS in place is crucial when it comes to complying with complicated and rigid labor laws.   

These labor laws vary from location and industry. And in most cases, smaller organizations have fewer resources to ensure that processes are compliant. 

Most importantly, Applicant Tracking systems can assist in ensuring that organizations comply with all the regulations related to hiring (diversity, minority, etc.). And almost all the vendors update their software systems automatically that can help you to stay current with hiring regulations.  

The right ATS is a hiring manager’s best friend. Try our AETIUS today and help your hiring team succeed in 2021 and beyond. 

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