Build Meaningful & Sustainable Connections with Customers

Design and deliver new approaches for customer engagement, employee empowerment, operation optimizations, and reimagining your products and services for businesses in Travel, Retail industry.

Reinvent Customer Experience in Travel & Hospitality with Intelion

In the tumultuous times for the travel industry, we believe that personalization is the key to forge ahead and stay competitive. And to ensure hyper personalization and core digital transformation for customers in the travel industry, we have a broad range of solutions that are targeted to their unique needs. Our tailored and scalable solutions will give the much needed business resilience and agility to our clients in terms of digital tools and capabilities to deliver more value to their end customers, thereby boosting customer loyalty and revenues.

We help our clients to completely reimagine, revamp and overhaul everything from operations to customer experience to product offerings to serve their end customers in a more seamless and impactful way.

To help you measure up to customers’ rising expectations, we offer innovative solutions ranging from Low-code to Salesforce to intelligent automation and digital transformation. 

What sets us apart is that we offer a combination of solutions and a consultative approach to solve your evolving challenges and prepare you for the future in the post-pandemic scenario.


Leverage Digital Technologies for A New Era in Customer Journey

Advanced Retail Ecosystems with Intelion

At Intelion, we focus on making retail businesses agile at the back-end and digitally aligned to customer personalization at the front-end. With the right blend of unique solutions and a holistic approach from Intelion, we focus on enabling omnichannel Integration and embedding predictive analytics to open up more avenues to provide a differentiated experience to the customers today.

We enable clients to achieve operational excellence and a successful digital makeover to equip them with competitive digital capabilities to transform into a next-gen retail business and engage even the most technologically-savvy and selective customer.

The Intelion Experience that makes a difference

With the unique approach from Intelion that is a blend of strategy, solutions, people, and processes, we enable our clients in the retail industry to become front runners finding you the right mix of stores, mobile, digital marketing, and CRM capabilities that is unique to each client. We also help in successful merchandising that involves detailed planning, optimized business processes, data mining, and analytics, while allowing the flexibility to react to market conditions.

At Intelion, we also enable you to implement efficient omnichannel commerce strategies with reduced time-to-market and increased ROI. Our low-code-powered core systems modernization helps to transform your way of reaching customers effectively across all touchpoints.

We also combine our deep domain expertise in retail and implement the best practices to ensure you get the highest quality solution in the most cost-effective manner.


Explore More Solutions

DevOps CI/CD

Our unique DevOps services include analyzing your current delivery activity, auditing your existing infrastructure, building a pipeline, identifying redundant tasks, etc. We employ leading DevOps tools to align development and operations to achieve higher efficiency. Intelion’s well-thought Salesforce DevOps strategy can give you the right competitive edge to sell more effectively, outrun your competition.

Mendix Consulting

Intelion's low-code solutions powered by Mendix are top notch and a cut above the rest in terms of effectiveness, cost and impact. Our team of highly experienced Mendix developers, with in-depth knowledge in the various aspects of development, employs the best working practices to deliver low code development projects at the highest level of excellence. We always do our best to provide cutting-edge products to clients.

Marketing Cloud

Employ Intelion’s Salesforce Marketing Cloud services to help you harness the full power of marketing automation by engaging customers with unique and perfect marketing solutions that align with your business strategy. Exceed customer expectations with Intelion by getting access to our high-quality Marketing cloud services, and track endless customer journeys easily and efficiently.

Ready to Begin Your Digital Transformation Journey with Intelion?

The retail, travel and hospitality landscapes are rapidly changing – so should your business! Enterprises today need to accelerate their journey into the digital future to thrive or even just survive. To avoid being blindsided by competitors and stay relevant, businesses must find innovative ways to transform products, processes and business models using digitally-enabled approaches and technologies.

At Intelion, we offer you the right mix of cutting-edge and intelligent technology solutions that can help you deliver more value at a lower cost.