Scale and Grow your E-Commerce Business with Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Commerce Cloud leverages the power of the cloud to enable businesses in crafting innovative customer experiences that can directly impact conversions and brand loyalty. And what’s more- it can do this seamlessly across multiple channels- mobile, social, web, and store, thus creating an end-to-end shopping experience for all customers.  

What is Salesforce Commerce Cloud?  

Comprising of both Salesforce B2C & B2B Commerce, Salesforce Commerce Cloud is an e-commerce platform built on Salesforce to help create personalized and intelligent unified buying experiences across multiple channels. It is a cloud-based commerce platform that has various out-of-the-box features to help you grow your online business and stay agile. This platform also enables you to streamline the purchasing process, personalized buying experience, and create a mobile-friendly shopping experience.  

Why Commerce Cloud?  

A recent survey revealed that in 2022 over 2.34 billion people are expected to shop online, and by 2024 the digital sales are projected to reach 24% of the total global retail sales. The need for innovation, the rapid development of the eCommerce market, rising online shopping rates, and the competitive landscape, thanks to the increased number of retailers are some of the reasons why Commerce Cloud has gained high relevance today.  With the cloud platform, retailers can take their online business to the next level and rest assured, run, scale, and transform their businesses much more efficiently.   

Top Benefits of Commerce Cloud  

The innovative Salesforce eCommerce solution enables you to scale your business, expand to various geographical regions across the globe and create a global brand identity in the market.   

Here are some of the top benefits of employing Salesforce Commerce Cloud solutions for online businesses.  

  • Scalability  

With Salesforce Commerce Cloud, online businesses can stay relevant, agile, and be fully equipped to cope with business challenges of today, such as high traffic, better data storage, vast amounts of goods, and high transaction volumes, successfully and efficiently. It would also become easier to implement and integrate modern systems and advanced technologies, handle traffic spikes and any other unforeseen events seamlessly.  

  • Unified Commerce  

Thinking about a way to easily connect the customer’s entire shopping experience via digital channels? Commerce Cloud can easily do that for online businesses. Right from marketing to successful purchase and retention campaigns, it becomes possible to capture it all in a unified platform. Gaining information on all customer interactions with your brand and shopping activities, it becomes easy and hassle-free to personalize customer journeys and offer them relevant product recommendations. Recent studies prove that almost 50%online consumers spend more when their experience is personalized. Commerce Cloud includes all the necessary functionality to create a customer-centric business model and exceed customer expectations.  

  • Mobile Optimization  

It is interesting yet not surprising to note that over 55% of all orders placed are from mobile devices today. And this translates to the fact that a mobile-optimized eCommerce store (has a mobile-first approach) that has a user-friendly interface is a need of the hour to attract customers and offer them a superior shopping experience that is both pleasant and hassle-free (even a mobile app). To add to that, Google checks the mobile version of the content for indexing and ranking for the website (organically), thus pushing the brand reach.   

  • Higher Conversion Rates  

The Salesforce e-commerce cloud comes with powerful qualities that help businesses to connect with their prospective leads and turn them into customers easily and quickly. As buying behavior is turning complex day by day, companies and organizations require omnichannel insights to understand and analyze the data at every stage of the buying process.  

  • Business Intelligence  

Any business, online or offline, especially the former, generates a lot of data, that most e-commerce owners overlook, underrate, and hardly utilize to create powerful customer insights. But with Commerce Cloud, it becomes easy for online businesses to read and interpret to make powerful decisions that are based on your insights from the data. The more a business grows, there will be more data that you need to dig and manage. By the time businesses have managed to analyze the data they have, they no longer miss any relevant opportunities and have succeeded in instant decision-making. Similarly, it is also easy to integrate additional AI tools that can help your business in analyzing and automating digital marketing efforts.

At Intelion, we focus on the goals of your business to craft the best Commerce Cloud solution to drive your business forward. We help you design a seamless buying journey for your customers across an array of channels and provide you with the right Salesforce Commerce Cloud professionals with high expertise, and impeccable services to ensure you derive the maximum benefits from the highly scalable, cloud-based SaaS eCommerce solution.  Our experienced Salesforce Commerce Cloud specialists combine functionalities for an online store, eCommerce, mobile-first POS, predictive intelligence, and order management all under one platform.    

Partner with Intelion to harness the power of a platform, built on the world’s #1 CRM, to build customer relationships and nurture your online business and avail an array of benefits:  

  • Single Integrated Platform  
  • Better Customer Insights  
  • Scalable Agile Platform  
  • Covers B2B & B2C Merchants  
  • Convert More Prospects

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