Redefine Your Customer Service With Salesforce Service Cloud

Let us assist you on the path to success through better customer service.

Enhance Customer Experiences Through Service Efficiency With Intelion

Make your business stand out by delivering exceptional customer service with Salesforce Service Cloud. In addition to accelerating growth, partner with Intelion to increase the retention rates and boost customer satisfaction in no time! 

We follow a strategic approach to know the customer preferences, build brand loyalty, create cross-selling opportunities and actively respond to queries, ensuring an enhanced customer experience. 

We help to create a smart and automated customer service environment for our clients using SFSC. The advanced cloud-based service architecture allows us to bring astounding results for the clients seeking to manage their customers’ issues more proactively. 

We manage the complete process architecture and enable our clients to bring profitable results through Salesforce products. 

Why Intelion for Salesforce Service Cloud

Multiple Channels

With SFSC, we make it possible for you to manage all your client communications in a single Service Console. From phones to online chats to social media to email, leverage the possibilities of an omnichannel set up for enhanced customer support. Customize according to client preferences and your requirements.

Managing the Case Life-Cycle

With Intelion’s SFSC offerings, we provide you with beginning to end support, including custom assignments and specific parameters. Service Cloud Case Management can automatically apply created rules, triggering appropriate response mechanisms, allowing companies to quickly revert to their customers by automating email responses and track all customer interactions.

Personalized Service Cloud Console

Intelion helps you to provide each member of your sales team with a personalized workspace. A great way to organize and track data, the console generates a comprehensive overview of every case, like the current status, history, etc. We also ensure a smooth and speedy integration of Service Cloud to your business resources.

Service App Builder

Want to add more customized and tailor-made services for your unique requirements? Intelion can help you develop a Salesforce customer service app. Our highly skilled and professional Salesforce developers can build a custom architecture to cover all your needs.

Process Automation

With SFSC, our team can automate processes across the entire customer support infrastructure, helping you streamline workflows and approval processes, and more, in turn saving time and cost.

Easy Data Migration

Experience seamless and hassle-free data migration to the Service Cloud with Intelion. We can help companies to easily transfer their valuable data from multiple storage platforms to SFSC without data loss in an efficient, automated, and organized manner.

Reshape Your Organization’s Customer Service Strategy

Service Cloud Einstein

Make the most out of AI with Service Cloud Einstein, which works across all channels. Businesses can easily deploy Einstein bots to engage with customers and resolve their routine issues and in the case of more complex requests, they can collect and qualify customer information for seamless routing to agents. Integrating AI into Service Cloud can help to scale support and increase agent productivity.

Omni-Channel Routing

The omnichannel routing features will help you bring cases from all these channels into your Service cloud platform. We have experienced Salesforce professionals who can empower your customer support by routing cases automatically from across the channels like web, phone, email, mobile live chat, social channels, and many more. This feature assigns them to appropriate agents according to the preset conditions, ensuring better customer experience.

Boost Productivity and Growth With Salesforce Consulting

Data and Analytics

We will help you integrate Salesforce solutions to turn data into information that accelerates business insight leading to growth and success.

Business Optimization

Helping you optimise your use of Salesforce to identify opportunities for improvement and build well-defined processes

Resource Management

Intelion provide support for strong people alignment and preparation towards the adoption and use of Salesforce.

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