Create Innovative, Mobile-Ready & Engaging Community Portals

With Salesforce Community Cloud Intelion can make it possible for you to communicate effectively with multiple entities to streamline your business processes better and ensure heightened efficiency. 

Boost Collaboration With Salesforce Community Cloud

Boost Collaboration With Salesforce Community Cloud

Leverage Salesforce Community Cloud with Intelion for infusing loyalty amongst your stakeholders. Connect better with your Salesforce Partners, customers, developers, employees, and more with Intelion’s personalized Salesforce Community Cloud solutions and services. 

We can can help you in accelerating channel sales, simplifying information sharing between employees and partners, and provide a better and more proactive customer service to clients’ end-customers, all through our custom solutions developed using Salesforce Communities.  

Partner with Intelion to  facilitate efficient collaboration between the management and other entities critical to your business. 

Explore Our Salesforce Community Cloud Offerings

SFCC Strategy Consulting

Our team of Salesforce professionals can help you strategize and define community goals, finalizing features, and preparing future community roadmap.

Communities Development

Build business-specific, customized, out-of-the-box features, apps, and business workflows and increase engagement among all community stakeholders.

Community Cloud Integration

Our team can help develop platforms that are highly customizable to allow better integration making it easy for customers to create and escalate support cases.

Support & Maintenance

Our experienced Salesforce professionals can help you with community management allowing you to measure and analyze metrics to ensure continous improvements.

Community & CMS
Community & CMS

We help you connect your CMS to your community for consistent branding, reuse of materials, and ease of maintenance.

Automation in Communities

Integrate third-party systems and automate services that let you share contacts, leads, and records with your partners with the Salesforce Communities.

The Intelion Advantage


Our experts will take time to understand your business requirements and challenges and provide the best solution to your complex business challenges. We partner with you to build personalized salesforce solutions making you and your business successful with the implementation.

Experienced Resources

Intellion has a huge database of highly experienced salesforce professionals with have in-depth knowledge and expertise in Salesforce Communities to help your business derive the most out of your salesforce investment

Create a Flexible, Streamlined and Collaborative Work-Approach 

Boost Your Sales, Boost Your Brand

Community Cloud solutions help you build better relationships with customers and partners by helping you create better experiences when reaching out to you.

Enhanced Products & Services

Collect data on your community’s behavior and feedback to customize and improve your products and services. Allowing you to respond to market requirements, while customer satisfaction grows.


Automate tedious manual processes, simplify sales recruitment and customize channel structure with our customised salesforce community solutions.

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Explore Other Services

Low Code Development

With our Low-code and no-code development approaches, we can help organizations build business applications efficiently and with agility. We can help you Speed up the development of your customized applications cost-effectively.

Salesforce Integration

Our team of experts can provide you with the best-in-class Salesforce integration services to bridge the gap and provide you with a highly centralized platform combining the functionalities of different entities.

Salesforce Consultation

Our expert team of professionals, delivers best in the industry Salesforce Consulting and enables businesses to craft smart technology investments and enhance the systems that in return results in savings- cost and time.