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Do More And Faster With Our Apttus CPQ Services

CPQ solutions enable sellers to create complex quotes to sell the right combination of products at the right price. configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) solutions play an important role in streamlining the quote-to-cash process. CPQ helps sales teams sell the right combination of products, manage pricing and discounting and automate sending quotes for approvals.

With high-end automated processes, your sales team can save time spent on a single customer. It provides many pre-built templates with excellent quality to prepare documents and close the deal. We will help your CPQ platform to increase the productivity of your sales team by providing them with increased automation in generating quotes and allowing them to handle the CRM data better. Moreover, employing CPQ, you can ensure higher customer satisfaction by offering your customers highly personalized quotes.  

We work with companies to create focused CLM engagements to roadmap, implementation solutions, and enhance contracting workflows across all industries.

  • Contract repository
  • Contract analytics
  • Contract standardization
  • Redlining and eSignature
  • Workflow automation
  • And much more.

By integrating CLM with CPQ, businesses can generate more complex and customized quotes that are built in CPQ as well as automate other contract generation with a click out of their CRM opportunity. 

Enhanced sales, better customer experience, quick processing of deals and minimised errors, these are a few basics required by a sales team in any big or small business. CPQ is the most trusted and efficient system to deal with sales-related problems and provide quick and accurate quotes to the customers. 

Automating the complete sales process, including the contract, is another added advantage when it comes to improving the sales cycle.  It is important that you do not experience any kind of delay in deal/contract finalization during this process and here’s when CLM (Contract Lifecycle Management). CLM will help make your task easy and provides complete surety to the sales reps so that they do not face any difficulty during the legal steps’ finalization. The combination of CPQ and CLM can help 

  • Helps in Closing Contracts/Deals faster

  • Enhances Sales Experience

  • Boost the overall productivity of your business

  • Better customer experiences

  • Complex products and various services on a single quote
  • Synchronized processes for complex pricing
  • Automated quotes, contracts, orders, and renewals
  • 100% visibility into customer purchases on a single quote Supports multi-level, configurable bundles
  • Extend access to the product catalog to E-Commerce users, partners, and direct sales channels
  • Predictive CPQ Analytics
  • CPQ upsell and cross-sell services are available.
  • 360-degree pipeline view

Sell Faster, Better & Smarter

Selling Made Smarter & Simplified With Configure, Price & Quote Solutions From Apttus

Get the best-in-class CPQ Software Services (quote to cash solutions) from Apttus, that can be tailored as per the needs of your organization. We will help you automate your quotes, manage your pricing, and close your deals faster with out-of-the-box Apttus CPQ Services from Intelion and ensure you stay ahead of your competitors.  

Our team can help you configure critical product prices and to offer the best quote to your customers, and reap benefits by increasing your ROI. Ensuring real-time quotes to your customers and clients, the CPQ services can further help your Sales teams in generating better leads and cross-selling.  

Streamline Your Contract Processes With CLM Implementation & Consultation Services

Our team of qualified professionals is well-versed with conversational UI for creating winning contracts, streamlining negotiations, and handling smart contract management suggestions thereby expediting your contract processes. With CLM integration by Intelion you can close more deals and increase your sales by creating automated contracts. 

Configure Core Business Processes and Accelerate Time to Revenue with QTC Implementation

We’re driving critical business processes between a buyer’s interest and revenue generation with Apttus, the leading Quote-to-Cash (QTC) software vendor. Apttus’ products fueled by Intelion, boost revenue across the gamut by optimizing and enhancing business processes, aligning and driving revenue-winning behaviors, and advising appropriate, intelligent actions. 

Our Unique Approach to Fulfilling Your Business Needs

Consulting & Analysis

Intelion offers a complete and extensive range of CPQ services including consulting and analysis. We analyze your requirements and conduct a thorough study on the structure of your organization, product & services portfolios, and overall complexities to produce the best solutions.

Customization Solutions

Being your Apttus CPQ partner, we fully understand your business needs and requirements. Hence, we deliver solutions in line with business guidelines and bring more transparency in your pricing structure. We can add customized functionality to key features of your implementation, working to solve your specific pain points.

Maintenance & Support

We help ensure that your existing workflow meets your current and future business needs and continuously leverage our in-house team who offers you optimization, security as well as reliability. We can assess your current CPQ implementation to optimize performance, scalability, and flexibility.

Build Flawless Proposals within Sales Cloud

Make sure you create and submit concise and accurate proposals every single time, say goodbye to errors committed by your sales teamsMoreover, use the right terms for an easier buying experience for your customers. Apttus CPQ offers your sales team great accuracy in preparing swift quotations and boosts their efficiency as well.