Accelerate Quote-to-Cash and Drive Sales with CPQ Solutions

Empower your sales team with new capabilities to quickly and accurately configure products and generate quotes with Intelion’s Salesforce CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) implementation solutions

Partner with Intelion to Drive Your Sales Performance

Customers today want quick, accurate, and convenient buying experiences. How fast you respond to your customer’s needs can make or break every deal. At Intelion, we will help your business to deliver a superior and consistent customer experience across all channels, with powerful CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) solutions from Salesforce. One of the biggest challenges of the sales teams is the slow-moving pipelines that can drain your resources and waste your and your customers’ time. Long, complicated processes can impact your sales revenues and ultimately the bottom line. With a streamlined quoting process, Salesforce CPQ solutions can empower your sales team to build a price quote that they know is preapproved and won’t be delayed waiting for reviews thus helping them to drive their deals. Our certified Salesforce experts can help you implement and customize Salesforce CPQ for your business to streamline quoting and automate your billing processes. Integrated within the Sales Cloud platform, it gives you a direct link with to your CRM to make the most impactful sales decisions.

Harness the Power of CPQ to Sell Faster & Better

Quickly Build Sales Quotes

Quickly Build Sales Quotes

Simplifying the quote creation process, CPQ solutions can save a significant amount of time and resources and help you provide personalized and accurate quotes to every single customer with ease.

Streamlined Contract Processes

Streamlined Contract Processes

Automate the end-to-end quote process to significantly reduce the downtime in standard contract creation, thus making it possible for sales teams to assist more leads in less timeframe.

Shorten Sales Cycle

Shorten Sales Cycle

Take full control of your sales process with Salesforce CPQ solutions. Quickly close more deals with an automated quote process with preapproved price quotes that reduce the sales cycle time drastically.

Transform your Business with Tailored CPQ Solutions

Guided Selling

Empower your sales teams with an effective step-by-step configuration wizard to enable them to quickly identify customer needs and recommend relevant product offers. With CPQ solutions, you can also provide customers with self-service capabilities and use the same tools to guide them in their purchasing processes.

Solution Configurator

Streamline complex sales cycles with easy-to-navigate preconfigured solutions that have a common product model for hassle-free quoting or for customization. It is easy to create reusable rules and simple screens to improve direct sales, partner sales, and customer self-service channels with CPQ.

Quote Generation

Create accurate and professional quotes in a single click, with advanced options to hide or reveal discounts. CPQ helps to elevate the customer experience by providing branded, comprehensive proposals and minimizing the piecemeal flow of information that slows down sales cycles.

Contract Amendments 

With CPQ, upselling and cross-selling becomes easier than ever with highly streamlined processes for add-ons, swaps, and upgrades. Sales teams can quickly generate dynamic contracts, compare and merge contracts, highlight differences across contract versions, accept or reject specific changes, and much more.

Automated Renewals

Sales teams can easily configure and manage subscriptions automatically and thus reduce the churn by proactively generating renewal quotes and sharing them with customers. Sales reps can customize quotes to include additional information like end-dates and prorated pricing.

Intelligent Deal Management

CPQ solutions empower sales teams to get 360-degree visibility into a customer’s purchased assets and subscriptions, all in a single platform. This will help to align all sales activities to business goals and focus on the right deals with in-depth deal analysis and metrics, thereby maximizing revenues and win rates.

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