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Intelion Systems is one of the world’s fastest-growing providers of digital solutions, assisting organizations with Salesforce deployment, digital transformation, and low-code solutions. Our cutting-edge technologies provide a competitive advantage to firms seeking quick digitalization.

Our low code solutions enable businesses to accelerate enterprise application development and deployment. Now, with swiftly changing manufacturing standards, businesses are switching to more reliable and sustainable tools of production and manufacturing. Intelion offers cost-efficient and user-friendly solutions to help businesses create a scalable and resilient systems delivering high productivity at lower costs.

Our proven methodologies can help you consistently run, maintain and scale AI-based industry solutions from pilot to production. Our team of experts can provide you with the best-in-class Salesforce integration services to bridge the gap and provide you with a highly centralized platform combining the functionalities of different entities.

Accelerate Digital Transformation in Manufacturing

Rapid Automation

Our user-friendly and intelligent Low Code based systems can be designed and customized to automate the manufacturing processes resulting in saving time.

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Quality Assurance

Our digital transformation solutions successfully handle the complete product development process from start to finish. Through digital data analysis, these systems automatically discover and diagnose faults while reducing machine downtime.

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Cost Reduction

Monitoring and managing important manufacturing processes becomes simple with AI and ML-powered devices. Also, because of the automated process involved, the requirement to deploy labour is greatly reduced, resulting in lower production costs.

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Quick Development

With less critical processes being automated and constant monitoring involved using our advanced digital transformation solutions, there is a significant reduction in time consumption for developing each product from scratch.

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Improved Productivity

AI-based systems monitor the functioning of the equipment and collect data in real-time to uncover flaws in the machine's performance and efficiency. This data can also help engineers prevent unexpected breakdowns and shutdowns, resulting in increased overall productivity.

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Higher Safety

With lot of equipment and machinery involved, there is a substantial risk of disruptions and accidents. Our intuitive digital solutions reduce the risk of such accidents. Quick detection of faults in the equipment prevents sudden breakdown of the machinery and identify any potential threats quickly.

Boost Productivity and Growth With Intelion Systems

Data and Analytics

We will help you develop better quality products with our advanced digital solutions to transform data into information that accelerates your production and success.

Business Optimization

With our strong digital transformation network at your workplace, we assist you in developing a well-defined plan to increase your productivity. Ensure product quality development by having dependable options at your disposal.

Resource Management

Our intelligent systems manage all your resources optimally by automating the less critical tasks so that you can utilize your workforce for the significant and demanding tasks.

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Low Code Development

With our Low-code and no-code development approaches, we can help organizations build business applications efficiently and with agility. We can help you Speed up the development of your customized applications cost-effectively.

Salesforce Integration

Our team of experts can provide you with the best-in-class Salesforce integration services to bridge the gap and provide you with a highly centralized platform combining the functionalities of different entities.

Salesforce Consultation

Our expert team of professionals, delivers best in the industry Salesforce Consulting and enables businesses to craft smart technology investments and enhance the systems that in return results in savings- cost and time.