How to Make the Most of Big Data Analytics?


Leveraging Data Analytics for Business Growth

The key objective that the majority of companies try to achieve with the help of big data analytics is to augment their customer experience. Apart from that, they also aim at reducing expenses, enhancing sales, boosting marketing initiatives, improving cash flow, and smoothening inventory management. All of these essentially are vital aspects of progressing towards business growth and development. Techniques that businesses employ to analyze data include data mining, statistics, predictive analytics, machine learning, and more. Such methods aid businesses to study untapped data sources, so as to gain insights faster to facilitate the decision-making processes.

To make sure that big data is working optimally for business growth, one needs to:

• Outline the goals they wish to achieve through data analytics.
• Choose a software that is not only economical but also gets the work done.
• Protect the data and analyses from cyber threats and malware
• Perform regular audit regulations
• Be clear about the data source they want to capture most of their information from
• Keep up with the latest big data management trends


Value Proposition

Leveraging big data analytics as a means of improving enterprise value has now become almost central to all businesses. It is recognized that insights from big data analytics opens up opportunities that hitherto were latent. The creation of positions like Chief Strategy Officer, Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Data Officer, Chief Information Officer, etc., supported by data and analytics infrastructure, are clear pointers that companies want to take advantage of the power of data-based possibilities.

Metadata analysis provides huge revelations. It functions as eyes and ears on the ground. It is a cost-effective feedback and monitoring mechanism that throws up information that will otherwise be too costly to gather.


Spectrum of Possibilities


Insights thrown up by big data analytics can help companies derive the following benefits:

► Provides Competitive Edge: Big data analysis helps in better understanding of the market, customers, and competitors. The information can be used to drive marketing and sales strategy that pushes you ahead of the others.

► Improves Operational Efficiencies: An accurate and deep understanding of the findings can help change existing processes or put in new ones, which will positively impact productivity and costs.

► Enables Informed Decision Making: Data-backed information about market trends, customer needs, supports faster and reasoned decisions for better business growth.

► Profit Maximization: Price optimization goals through correlation studies of market trends, price analysis, and customer behavior are facilitated to maximize gains.

► Innovation and New Product/Services Development: Interpreting trends thrown up by big data tracking allows for a deeper understanding of customer preferences. Meeting these demands in time with the right product/service at the right price point enhances not only customer satisfaction and loyalty but also improves revenues. New revenue streams can also be identified by looking at such trends.

► Risk Mitigation: Big data tools can be used to monitor market risks, reputational risks, and compliance risks. Predictive analysis can be applied to reduce default risks.

► HR Solutions: Studying patterns of employee behavior from big data analysis may assist in determining which employees to retain, who to motivate, who to ease out, etc. Data-backed decisions augur well for meeting HR challenges and workforce planning. Recruitment and hiring processes to pick up the desired talent are also facilitated.


Tactical Move

To get the most out of big data analytics and reap the above and other benefits, organizations must make a well-planned move in this direction. Identifying the requirements and knowing how to deploy the insights for problem-solving is fundamental to the exercise. Investing in the best available technology and analytics tools that will meet specific needs in sync with organizational goals has to be a well-defined strategy. Weigh out the cost benefits, list out the objectives and expectations, do research and choose what will work best for the enterprise value.

Towards the end of becoming a big data user, it makes sense to utilize the services of firms that specialize in this area. Deep domain knowledge of AI, Machine Learning, Robotics, and related high-tech fields, which underlie big data potency, are necessary prerequisites. Partnering with a big data analytics company ensures access to expertise and cutting-edge technology that can be used to obtain actionable insights for various business functions.


Create Your Success Story

Today it is a proven fact that big data analytics works. Delivering customer satisfaction, which will drive sales and transition the business to higher growth, calls for a deep understanding of the customer psyche. Big data analytics enables this.
The business world abounds with instances of how big data analytics has been leveraged for success. Amazon, Starbucks, McDonald’s, Netflix, and many others across industries are live examples. Their stories of success are worthy of emulation.

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