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Transform to a digital government with Intelion and innovate more, deliver better citizen experiences, and operate effectively.

Empowering Governments to Achieve More

Unrivaled Expertise

At Intelion, we bring unique digital capabilities and unmatched expertise to help achieve an accelerated digital transformation, making us a proven partner for defense, federal, state or local agencies.

Tailored Solutions

Our distinct and innovative solutions can be highly customized to fit the unique needs of clients. The tailored solutions coupled with a consultative approach sets us apart and ensures impeccable results for every project.

Secure and Scalable

Intelion offers sustainable, highly secure, optimized and scalable solutions to clients , thus making us a go-to partner in delivering digital programs that guarantees increased impact and customer experience.

Agility & Innovation

We help you unlock new opportunities and propel your transformation with our broad range of innovative solutions and services that will ensure your flexibility and prepare you for what's next.

Intelion's Transformative Capabilities to Power A Digital Future

Government agencies can now partner with Intelion to solve some of your toughest challenges and capture the greatest opportunities. To unlock governments’ potential, we offer our extensive capabilities through an array of intelligent technology solutions to transform the way you operate- across defense, intelligence, education, justice, health, and more.

At Intelion, we combine new technologies with proven practices to accelerate your digital transformation using AI-powered processes, low-code solutions, CRM, digital platforms, and smart analytics and create better customer experiences and drive improved performance. Our unmatched public-sector expertise coupled with our groundbreaking technologies and competencies enables our clients to deliver innovative solutions that will provide immense value to all stakeholders, especially citizens. Intelion in unmatched ways helps government agencies to work in new ways, use data to optimize policy development and service delivery, build end-to-end digital journeys for citizens, and design strategies to create bionic governments of the future. We bring an independent perspective and a strong commitment to finding the right solution that maximizes value creation for the government, its citizens, and its employees.

Through our extensive range of offerings for the Government, we aim to bring down the maintenance costs of legacy systems, reduce the delivery cycles, ensure easy system integrations and deliver powerful experiences to set the foundation for the government of the future.

Our Digital Agility Solutions

Data & Analytics

Intelion offers a broad array of data and analytics solutions that includes data visualization, data consulting, digital insights and data management to drive growth and innovation in various areas for government agencies, from defense to justice to healthcare and education.  Our targeted solutions enable your data-driven transformation, help unify customer experiences, and  discover more opportunities from your ever-growing data. 

Unified Digital Platforms

With our low-code development and powerful digital transformation solutions, Government agencies provide better value to citizens and employees. We help you reimagine and redesign the customer portals and platforms of public sector  and federal governments to deliver impactful services like better manage public grievance redressal, increase public participation in policy meetings and address public inquires in real-time under one robust platform.

Intelligent Automation

We help you bring value to your operations, employees and customers with real and intelligent conversations with our AI-powered solutions and RPA. With Intelion, you can power your digital transformation journey and navigate to a digital future- digital governments and e-governments. Intelion helps you define an automation strategy and identify the right processes and tools to get started on your RPA journey. 

Salesforce Consulting

With Intelion Systems, leverage the right expertise to assess, map, design, and implement Salesforce for government’s specific goals and objectives. Our flexible Salesforce offerings can meet a variety of government agency needs and keep up with increasing demands. With us, drive mission impact and build a modern, digital public Sector.

Core System Modernization

Intelion’s low-code powered core system modernization solutions offers public sector an opportunity to redesign technology and business logic to align with their organizational strategy, improve enterprise agility and increase sustainability while developing a solid digital foundation that can help to adapt to all changes and disruptions that lie ahead.

Low-Code Advisory

Accelerate innovation with our low-code advisory services. Low-code connected enterprise can unify your government entity. From assessment to solution designing to training and control, we ensure that your team has the right tools and capabilities needed to succeed  with our low-code consulting solutions. 

Explore our range of Salesforce Solutions

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Our Salesforce Marketing Cloud implementation services enable you to drive highly personalized and data-driven marketing. Deliver personalized consumer engagement with this integrated platform, that scales across all channels- email, social, and digital advertising.

Salesforce Sales Cloud

Our expert Sales Cloud consultants and developers have in-depth knowledge and experience in delivering optimum outcomes for small as well as large businesses and can help you set up, configure and customize your Salesforce Sales Cloud to deliver improved sales results.

Lightning Components

We offer par excellent services in Salesforce Lightning Components including the Lightning Web Components, Aura Components and VScode Integrations to help you attain maximum potential in minimum efforts by converting Salesforce classic version to the super-fast lightning platform.

Einstein Analytics

We can enable you to better comprehend your sales data and get quick answers to critical business questions with Salesforce Einstein Analytics. We will help you power sales, services, and marketing teams using AI to drive your business forward.

Hire a Salesforce Professional

We offer customers with highly experienced Salesforce developers who are capable of providing complete Salesforce development solutions that ensure speedy growth & increased revenues to their businesses.

Apttus CPQ

Get the best-in-class CPQ Services from Apttus, tailored as per the needs of your organization. With our unique Apttus CPQ Services we will help you automate your quotes, manage your pricing, and close your deals faster.

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