Madhavi Kamakoti


With an MS from the University of Connecticut, Madhavi started her career as an Environmental Engineer. And while there she discovered her passion for programming. With an extensive experience of over a decade in the technology and software development space in multiple industries from banking to education to marketing to finance, with this new venture, Intelion Systems, Madhavi and team is working toward the mission of innovating and build world-class products in the AI and Robotics space.  

In her own words, “We are inventors at heart and our vision is to create best-of-breed technology in the A.I. and Robotics space. Leveraging custom algorithms, software, and concepts, we are delivering the next generation of A.I. that integrates with voice, vision, speech and data platforms to deliver seamless, humanlike experience to our clients and their end-users thus helping clients automate their key processes, increase efficiency and save both, time and money”.