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Turn your core systems into business drivers with our innovative low-code powered Core System Modernization solutions that are a blend of tools, teams, and expertise. 

Reimagining Core Technologies with Low-Code

Organizations need to continuously innovate and optimize their IT systems -be it on the cloud, connecting applications through intelligent automation, or leveraging managed services to be the front-runner and compete smarter and better in the fast-paced, customer-centric market. To achieve this efficiency, resiliency, and agility, businesses need a solid core IT modernization strategy to leverage cost-saving advancements that also streamline operations, speed application development, and reduce maintenance. Low-code development allows organizations to choose the pathway to modernization that works best for their needs. Ripping and replacing or fully rebuilding your architecture can be taxing from a cost and time perspective, but low-code solutions streamline these processes and enable you to improve your performance and adaptability as you bridge the gaps between legacy and modernized systems. At Intelion, we bring you these next-level capabilities to get you there and more with our unique solutions built on low-code. Our low-code core system modernization solutions offer enterprises an opportunity to redesign technology and business logic to align with enterprise strategy and develop a solid digital foundation that can help you adapt to all changes and disruptions that lie ahead. Intelion provides an advisory approach to help transform technology infrastructure processes to provide digital foundations on low-code, improve enterprise agility and increase sustainability. We help transform legacy technologies and infrastructure into a cloud-first and digital-native ecosystem at a rapid pace with our low-code solutions.

Why Intelion to build Next-Gen capabilities?

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Unique Approach

We bring together a distinctive blend of people, process, strategy, and technology expertise, to enable your core systems modernization. We help you expand your digital footprint and drive sustainable business growth with our innovative low-code solutions.


Advisory Services

We provide an advisory approach to help transform technology infrastructure processes to provide digital foundations, improve enterprise agility and increase sustainability. With low-code, we help transform legacy technologies into a cloud-first and digital-native ecosystem.

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Low-code is highly cost-effective and scalable. We use a customer-centric, collaborative, and design-led approach to fast-track your digital transformation. Our proven frameworks and methodologies help to deliver low-code core system modernization solutions at an optimal price point.

Transform the 'core' of your business with low-code


Intelion’s low-code development solutions present a clear, streamlined path to businesses in their legacy migration. Replacing the entire legacy system can prove to be highly risky. But with our solutions built on lowcode development platform, legacy migration becomes easy and seamless. With Intelion, you can now migrate on your own terms, at your own pace. 

Application Modernization

Develop flexible, scalable applications that grow with your business, without having to redesign or rearchitect with low-code. Intelion’s  innovative solutions built on low-code can help enterprises to modernize your application landscape with interoperable capabilities and reduce redundancies to build applications that are highly efficient and scalable. 

Legacy Replacement

Tackle legacy replacement by building a better than ever future-proof and custom solution in-house with Intelion’s low-code development.  With the ease and speed of low code development, accelerate the time it takes to deliver custom web and mobile apps with modern functionalities, that far exceed what your legacy systems offer. 


Intelion offers enterprises advanced and cost-effective core system digitalization solutions that leverages  our in-depth and extensive experience in low-code development and cloud technologies to seamlessly bridge legacy and new-age technologies.


Intelion’s cloud migration solutions built on low-code enable you to move your IT infrastructure, applications, and processes to a highly secure platform, at lower infrastructure costs. We ensure accelerated time to market, increased responsiveness, and improved scalability.

Data Modernization

With the perfect roadmap to build a data-driven organization, Intelion’s modern data infrastructure and digital-native services enables your business to establish modern and real-time business data that a digital business requires, with the help of our low-code experts.   

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Employ Intelion’s Salesforce Marketing Cloud services to help you harness the full power of marketing automation by engaging customers with unique and perfect marketing solutions that align with your business strategy.

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We will enable you to make every customer interaction count. Touch base with your online customers anytime and enhance their digital experience with the help of our unique services using the Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

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Make sense of sales data and get quick answers to critical business questions with Salesforce Einstein Analytics. Transform your business with the power of perfect visualizations & actionable comprehensions with Intelion.

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