We Help You Bring Value to Your Business and Customers With Real and ‘Smart’ Conversations

At Intelion, we will help you build chatbots that reflect your business, brand, and values, with AI at the core of our innovative technology. 

Chatbots for the Win With Intelion

An AI Chatbot or ‘bot’ is a computer program or an Artificial Intelligence software that can simulate a real human conversation with real-time responses to users based on reinforced learning. These computer programs use text messages, voice commands, or both. AI robots use a natural language to communicate with Artificial Intelligence features embedded in them. 

The main aim of creating AI chatbots is to help customers make better-informed decisions and are designed to have conversations with humans. These conversations range from the rudimentary to the more advanced ones like Alexa. 

Here are some things chatbots can do: 

  • Hold a human-like conversation 
  • Answer user questions 
  • Collect and analyze data 
  • Guide users through processes 
  • Use predictive analytics to provide personalized services to the users & so much more. This is not an exhaustive list. 


Chatbots can help organizations smoothen their operations, engage customers, and handle requests and complaints faster. They can help to: 

  • Increase operational efficiency by allowing humans to spend more time on complex tasks; 
  • Improve customer experience by providing 24/7 support; 
  • Shorten response time with instantly replies to multiple users simultaneously; 
  • Reduce costs by handling a larger volume of requests without any additional spend; 
  • Analyze market and customer data to offer instant insights and recommendations that meet the audience’s needs; 
  • Pre-qualify leads and support issues to provide context to live agents; 
  • Drive more sales by actively engaging potential customers with personalized experiences; 
  • Decrease human error since bots are pulling standardized information instantly from a database.

    Chatbots help companies increase their responsiveness and personalization abilities which, in turn, leads to better customer engagement and satisfaction. 

Chatbots are a big part of many companies’ digital transformation efforts, so there’s no reason to assume your company will never need one. However, implementing a chatbot should come only after you have a clear idea of the challenges it’ll help you resolve. 

In general, a chatbot is a good idea when: 

  • Your support team spends too much time on repetitive requests from customers. 
  • You can’t afford or don’t want to have 24/7 human support. 
  • You’re looking for a way to engage visitors of your site who have come to view content. 
  • You want an automated way for users to find products or check stock availability in real time. 
  • You want a way to qualify leads before salespeople can reach out to them. 
  • You want to increase the number of channels you engage your audience on and your team is insufficiently staffed. 
  • You want to offer a way for your customers to check their accounts and get advice without having to engage live agents. 
  • You want to offer better customer experience by providing an intelligent, personalized assistant to your customers.

Automate Business Processes With Our AI Chatbots

Easy To Integrate & User Friendly

Elevate your customers’ experience, increase customer engagement, embrace scalability, and empower your brand, with Intelion, by employing the smartest software application for all your online and digital conversations. We help you harness the power of chatbot technology with built-in, ready-to-use templates and scenarios in our chatbot platform, which you can directly use or easily customize to seamlessly fit your business needs. Create your chatbot flow using our visual drag-and-drop components and easily connect and integrate with third-party apps using our simple API. 

We help you automate almost 99% of your business processes with maximum efficiency and effectiveness. From automating sales to feedback collection to customer service, we will help you win customers back with our unique chatbots solutions that will stay connected 24/7 even when the staff is away.

Innovative Chatbot Solutions For Rapid Business Growth

We can help you design effective marketing strategies and plans by aligning our chatbot solutions to your company’s needs and branding and ensure you maximize your maximum ROI. Our innovative chatbot solutions can ensure that your business creates an unbeatable competitive advantage to stay ahead of your competition and differentiate your brand. Enhanced customer experience, better customer engagement, optimized lead generation, cost-savings, maximum scalability etc. are only some of the most impactful benefits your business derives from our chatbot solution.  

You can also optimize the workload of the customer support team with our innovative Chatbots that are capable of independently processing up to 80% of routine requests. 

AI-Driven Experiences

Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms, in combination with Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology, work in the background of our chatbot platform to adapt the chatbot scenarios to the business requirements. Our chatbot platform analyzes the user inputs deploying machine learning (ML) methodology to continuously improve performance. At the same time, it deploys NLP to interpret human speech through natural language understanding (NLU) and deliver suitable and tailor-made responses to user inquiries. 

Get Started With Intelion to Power Your Business

Maximize Revenues & Qualified Leads

Save up valuable time from human resources and on customer service costs by automating your Sales & Ordering processes. Set up CTA ads to bring in more people and let your bot qualify your leads before sending the data to your CRM or spreadsheets. We also help you deploy AI, ML & NLP approaches to efficiently qualify and optimize leads. With our bots, you can reach your prospective customers 10x faster.

Automate Support & Quick Response

Simultaneously manage thousands of different conversations and set up your unique FAQs to answer repetitive questions from your customers. Attract your customers by automating your chat and sending speedy responses for real-time assistant. Reducing the response time and by personalizing customer experience, businesses can boost conversion rates as well with a chatbot.

Multichannel Chatbots

Provide seamless interaction through diverse channels like WhatsApp, social media, SMS, and more, and offer a unified experience to your customers. We will help you get effective personalization for all users. Interactive and tailored content can enable you to engage your customers better resulting in building lasting relationships.

Engage With Every User in Every Channel

At Intelion, we will help you build a stronger connection with your audience across diverse channels, get high conversion rates, capture more quality leads, and offer real-time support with our unique chatbot solutions. Our prominent multichannel include website, SMS, social media, WhatsApp and more.  

Website Chatbots- Businesses can attract and convert more potential leads through page-messaging features that will also enable you to track their activity online and engage them accordingly. In an automated and effective way, we also provide contextual support to website users.  

Social Media– Run any campaign and capture large number of targeted leads. We can also help you engage better with your visitors with built-in features that lets you respond to them instantly in the comment section. You can also broadcast and schedule messages to reflect the current business hours.  

WhatsApp– One of the most widely used and convenient messaging app, our chatbots for WhatsApp will help you save time and cost to run your business by engaging with your customers ‘smartly’, swiftly and seamlessly. Send bulk messages to all clients with our broadcast messaging feature as well as media templates. 

SMS- Manage your daily text messages, FAQs, and queries with our SMS bot. We allow for 100+ seamless integrations that can help to boost up your conversion rates. Our unique SMS chatbots will be the right tool to ensure that you have top-notch customer support, 24/7.